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The free Career coaching, ProBono Coaching, includes 2 sessions and 30 minutes of online individual coaching sessions free of charge.

The free career coaching we can accept a limited number of applications!

Every month, depending on the availability of opportunities and resources, and the availability of career coaches, we aim to free online coaching provide opportunities for.

We will also try to give a chance to those who do not fit in the frame, who did not manage to apply.
We will try to offer them the opportunity to attend the next free coaching session.

* Coaching not advice!

A Coaching Support, that discover the own the potential within you!

Hopefully this will be a good time to do so,
to help the Coachee, you, find your path and get on it!

You have to work for it, you have to earn it and it will be your success that you will achieve!

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What should you know about career coaching?

* career coaching is a process where a professional coach helps you to better understand the goals, opportunities and challenges related to your career. It helps you to discover your potential, whether it's to be better suited to your current job or to change jobs, or even to change industries or professional fields.
* coach helps you in areas such as setting career goals, planning professional development, self-advocacy and developing effective communication in the workplace...

Some important things to know about career coaching:

  1. Personalised support: A career coach will help you with personalised help based on your individual needs. Listen to your your goals and help you develop a personalised a tailored plan to achieve success.
  2. Career planning: A career coaching usually include long-term career planning. They will help you to identify the direction you want to take in your career and the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.
  3. Skills development: * coach can help you identify and develop skills that can help you improve your performance at work. This could be communication, developing leadership or other specific professional skills.
  4. Confidence and motivation: A career coach can support you to increase your self-confidence and motivation, which is important for developing your career in terms of.
  5. Support for transitions: If you are planning a change in your career, such as a job change, a planned career change or even starting a business, a career coach can help you prepare and support you through the transition.
  6. Setting concrete goals and supporting their achievement: A coach can help you set specific goals and help you achieve them.

Career coaching

Career coaching is a process whereby an expert (the coach) helps the individual in planning, developing and managing your career. Below is some important information about career coaching:

  1. Purpose and Focus: A career coaching aimed at individual career development to promote. The focus could be on career planning, workplace improving performance, managing challenges at work, adapting to change or finding a work-life balance.
  2. Tailored to individual needs: A career coaching each individual for their unique needs and challenges helps you on the basis of. Not only for professional goals, but also for the whole life of the individual.
  3. Developing self-advocacy and self-awareness: During coaching, the individual is given the opportunity to self-empowerment and self-awareness fejlesztésére. A coach segít az erősségek felismerésében, a gyengeségek kezelésében, és támogatást nyújt a személyes és szakmai fejlődés territory.
  4. Developing Action Plans: Career coaching is not just theoretical discussions. The coach helps you develop concrete action plans to help you achieve your goals.
  5. Fiduciary relationship: The relationship that develops during coaching is highly confidential and supportive. The individual is free to share their thoughts, feelings and plans with the coach.
  6. Duration and Frequency: The duration of the career coaching process can vary. A few sessions may be effective, but longer-term, regular coaching may also occur. The frequency of sessions depends on the preferences of the individual and the coach.
  7. Paid and Pro Bono Coaching: Career coaching services are available in various forms, including paid and pro bono (free) versions. Pro bono for coaching, the coach volunteer to help those who, for various reasons, could not or could not afford paid coaching.
  8. Feedback and Evaluation: * during coaching, the individual receives regular feedback and evaluation from the coach. This helps to monitor progress and adjust the strategy if necessary.

Career coaching can be an effective tool for individuals who want to develop their careers, achieve their goals or cope with challenges at work.

It is important to note that career coaching can be effective, but the results depend largely on the participant, i.e. the coachee commitment and willingness to cooperate. In addition, it is important to choose a coach who is properly trained and experienced in the field. CoachLab and CoachLab career coach we can recommend your specialist with confidence.

What does Wikipedia say about Career Coaching?

Career change coaching

Career change coaching is a specific form of job coaching that prepares you for a career change, even a major one. When it is not just a question of moving to a higher job or changing jobs while staying in one's field, but also of changing specialisation or career. For example, from finance to HR, from employee to entrepreneur.

How does Career Coaching help?

* Coaching can help individuals in many ways to develop their careers and achieve their goals. Some of the main areas where this Coaching can help:

  1. Clarify objectives: The coach helps the individual to clarify and define their professional goals and work out how to achieve them.
  2. Developing self-awareness: Career Coaching helps individuals to better understand their own strengths, values and preferences, which helps in career choice and planning.
  3. Addressing workplace challenges: A coach can help you deal effectively with problems, stress and challenges at work and find alternative solutions.
  4. Work-life balance: Career Coaching helps individuals find a work-life balance to successfully manage work-life challenges.
  5. Professional development: A coach támogatja az egyént a szakmai készségeinek fejlesztésében és javításában, például interjúkészítés, prezentációs készségek vagy konfliktuskezelés terén.
  6. Career transitions: If you are facing a career transition, a coach can help you plan and manage this change effectively, whether it's a move to a new field or a promotion in your current field.
  7. Networking: Coaching can advise individuals on networking and relationship building, which are often key to career progression.
  8. Increasing motivation and self-confidence: the coach can help individuals to recognise and strengthen their motivation, self-confidence and faith in the face of challenges.

Career Coaching is therefore not only professional advice, but also a personalised support process to help individuals move forward and succeed in their careers.

How is Career Coaching different from Career Counselling?

A Karrierhez kapcsolódó Coaching és a Karrier Tanácsadás két különböző megközelítés a szakmai fejlődés és pályatervezés területén. Az alábbiakban néhány kulcsfontosságú különbség található meg a két szolgáltatás között:

  1. Methodology and Approach:
    • Coaching: Coaching is a process that helps an individual move from their current situation to their desired future state. Coaches focus on the individual's inner resources, help develop self-awareness and support personal and professional development.
    • Career advice: Guidance tends to be information-based, with advisers focusing on career planning and development. They usually provide individuals with specific career advice, information and guidance.
  2. Objectives:
    • Coaching: Coaching focuses on personal and professional goals, with the aim of unleashing the full potential of the individual and achieving the goals set.
    • Career advice: Advice often focuses on setting specific professional goals and pathways, with an emphasis on information transfer.
  3. Duration of the Process:
    • Coaching: The coaching process takes place over a longer period, often through regular meetings. Available at individual development and change over time.
    • Career advice: Counselling is designed for a shorter period of time and focuses on specific problems or issues to achieve faster results.
  4. The Contribution of the Actors:
    • Coaching: The individual is an active participant in the coaching process. The coach helps with self-discovery and personal development, but the individual makes his or her own decisions and actions.
    • Career advice: In counselling, the counsellor provides information and advice to individuals, and the counsellor often plays a guiding role in the counselling process.

Both approaches have their advantages, and it depends on individual needs and preferences which service may be the most appropriate in a given situation.


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