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The free sales coaching, (Pro Bono) 2 alkalom (a kereső kedvéért Probono Coaching avagy ingyen coaching alkalom), alkalmanként 30 perc online egyéni coaching includes.

A coachingra, illetve a coaching ingyenes, Kereskedelmi vezetőknek, Kereskedőknek / Értékesítőknek segítő változatára csak limitált számú jelentkezést tudunk elfogadni! Igyekszünk mindenkinek visszajelezni. Így egyértelmű lesz, hogy belefért-e a havi keretbe. Ha nem, akkor kérjük jelentkezzen a következő alkalomra.

A Coaching nem tanácsadás! Bár lehet az is, amennyiben a Coachee kérésére a Coach és Coachee ebben megegyeznek.

Support to discover your potential within yourself!

This is hopefully a good time to do so,
to help you find your way and start on this journey.

Általában a Sales vagy Értékesítési Coachingról részletek a Sales Coaching service can be found on our website.

You will have to work for it and it will be your success that you achieve first and foremost!

What is Sales Coaching?

A sales coaching a process designed to maximise the performance of sales representatives and salespeople and empower them to make a positive impact on the sales organisation.

The process has been designed to support and equip each trader with the tools and skills they need to achieve their personal quota, as well as the team's quota and to achieve its objectives, to over-perform.

A efficient sales coaching iterative and individualised. A sales coach empowers the salesperson, the coachee, to feel that he or she can grow, contribute to the team's success and take responsibility for its performance.

A sales manager szerepétől eltérően a sales coach focuses on the individual development of a particular sales, coachee. sales coachee instant coaching focuses on improving sales skills and techniques, rather than focusing on numbers.

If you are still unsure, find out more about the About coaching here, or apply for coaching.

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What is pro bono coaching?

Pro bono coaching is when the coach for free or hold a session with the client at a much lower cost. Pro bono comes from the Latin pro bono public, which means "for the public good". Any service provided by professionals at a lower cost or for free is considered a pro bono service. Many professionals offer their pro bono services to non-profit organisations such as educational institutions, health care institutions, foundations, charities, etc. Some also provide pro bono services to individuals who are unable to pay. While pro bono is mostly related to legal services, the same approach is used in coaching is also a common practice for new coaches among.

How can you make the most of probono coaching?

The concept of coaching promotes a creative and thought-provoking process that helps individuals to maximise their potential for personal and professional gain.

How can Coaching be made more effective?

  1. Set your goals: Before you start pro bono coaching, think about what you want to achieve. Have specific, measurable goals, such as professional development, addressing workplace challenges or improving in life skills.
  2. Be open and honest: A probono coaching you will be effectiveif you are open to new ideas and willing to share your feelings, thoughts and goals with the coach.
  3. Get ready for the meetings: Formulate the specific questions or topics you would like to focus on during the coaching sessions. This can help you to use your time more effectively.
  4. Get actively involved: Pro bono coaching can help you gain self-awareness and develop your skills. Take an active part in the process and don't be afraid to face challenges.
  5. Give us feedback: Feedback during probono coaching can be useful for both parties. Let the coach know what works for you and if there are areas you would like to work on in more depth.
  6. Develop action plans: Coaching can help you open up new perspectives and achieve your goals. Together with your coach, you can develop action plans to help you achieve your goals.
  7. Respect the coach time: Time is a precious resource, so respect both your own and your coach's time. Be regular and reliable in terms of appointments.

So, probono coaching will be most effective if you are actively involved, open to new ideas and challenges, and use the opportunity according to your goals.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - source: Wikipedia

Pro bono publico (usually abbreviated as "for the common good") per bononak also called) is a Latin term for voluntary and unpaid professional work or reduced-fee work as a public service. It is common in the legal profession and is gaining ground in architecture, marketing, medicine, technology, strategic consulting firms and advertising agencies. A Pro bono service, unlike traditional volunteering, the skills of specialist professionals are used to provide services to those who cannot otherwise afford them.

Pro Bono Publicot to the in the United Kingdom is also used to describe the central motivation of large organisations, such as the National Health Service in the UK (National Health Service) and the various NGOs that exist for the common good, not for shareholder dividends.


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